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                                Read before you book!!!

Darwin is HUGE and needs PLENTY OF SPACE

Please be sure there is enough space at the event venue to accommodate a 14' ft. long Dinosaur! (Think of a small sized horse rampaging around the venue!) 


Darwin cannot climb STAIRS

Our Dinosaur cannot go up or down any stairs for any reason! We can only accept ground floor bookings (unless there is a very large service elevator equipped to house a 14' foot long Dino) then we're good 


HAZARDOUS conditions Darwin avoids 

Darwin cannot be around pools, fire pits, tiki torches, hills, slanted ground, weapons, or any other type of hazardous scenarios that could cause harm to the dinosaur, performer & handler. 

HOUSE PARTY you say? 

If you are hiring for a house birthday party, then the Dinosaur cannot go inside the house (as it will be to tight and not enough space to move around) We can only go to a house party if the party is outside where there is plenty of space. Large front or back yard is suitable for the Dinosaur & handlers.


Regardless of any venue property, the ground must be a flat surface in order for the Dino & performer to operate properly. There can't be un-even ground, holes, ditches, hills or slanted grounds. Please be very cognizant of the venue property.


It is important that all kids are behaved. Please make sure no kids and or adults does not bully Darwin, the performer or the rangers! No name calling, kicking, pulling, tugging, spitting, beating, or any other type of wild behavior is not accepted. We want everyone to have a great fun time!


Darwin cannot go outside in wet conditions! If raining & no place to take cover, the Dino & handlers will pack up & leave the venue. Try to plan for a dry, non-rainy day! We know the weather may change without notice. This is the only exception to reschedule for another date & time.


Darwin reserves the right jump back in his cage with NO REFUND if we arrive at hired site to find the conditions are not suitable. If you should have any questions regarding any of the mentioned concerns, then please contact us immediately! Thank you kindly in advance!  


One very large Dinosaur named Darwin. Dino performer & handlers (depending on the size of the party). Lots of laughs & thrills will have your party the talk of the town!


Depending on your party location, a small (round trip mileage) travel free will apply (If applicable). 


Kids will get to interact with Darwin by playing games, feeding him popcorn, dancing, taking pictures, story time, and best of all, they will learn how to train him (as seen in Jurassic Park).

PERFORMING TIMES: important note!! 

The Dino performers are only allowed 15-Minutes inside the Dino suite at all times! (15-Minutes on, 15-Minutes off) no matter the party package session you choose! Its a lot of work to bring Darwin to life. 


The Dino costume is very heavy and requires skills to maneuver. Please be aware of kids/adults crowding the Dino. He needs plenty of space to move around the venue.

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